Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Is a Published Document?

After you have completed an analysis, you might want to share the results with others at your site. Published documents are Excel, Word, or PowerPoint documents that are saved to a common repository.
Publishing your documents to a common repository has the following benefits:
§ The workbooks, documents, and presentations in this repository can be opened by others at your site.
§ When you publish the workbook, document, or presentation to the metadata repository, information about all the data sources is saved to the repository. Storing this metadata in the repository enables you to perform an impact analysis on a document. Impact analysis enables you to see where a data source came from and the items that depend on this source. This analysis enables you to know how changing a data source might affect other documents.

To publish a document, your site administrator must have installed SAS Web Report Studio on the same metadata server. If you cannot publish documents, contact your site administrator. D



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