Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sending Results from Excel

After you performed your initial analysis of the company’s 2006 sales data in Excel, your managers asked you to create a short presentation for the yearly sales meeting. This presentation should include the following:
§ the total sales for each product
§ the average sales, inventory, and returns for each product
From Excel, you can select the results from the Shoe Sales 2006 workbook to send to Word or to PowerPoint. When you select the SAS content to send, the current results for that analysis are automatically displayed in Word or PowerPoint. To make sure that the most up-to-date results are displayed in Word or PowerPoint, you should refresh the analysis after the results are sent to these applications.

You can send only SAS content from Excel to Word or PowerPoint. Any formatting or text changes that you made to the SAS content are not sent. Only the results are re-opened in Word or PowerPoint.
You cannot send a SAS data source or data in an Excel worksheet. Word and PowerPoint are unable to open and read an Excel data source. Additionally, you cannot send a PivotTable report to Word or PowerPoint. D



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