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An Overview of SAS Products

SAS licenses many different products. This book covers elements from Base SAS software,
SAS/STAT software, and SAS/ACCESS for PC Files software. You can see from the following
list that there is much more to SAS than just these products. Fortunately, most of the products
are integrated, so you don't have to convert data sets or start up another program to use the
other products. The following is a partial list of SAS products with brief descriptions. Since the
number of SAS products is constantly changing, check the SAS Web site ( for a
current list. You must have Base SAS software installed on your system to run most of these
products. Not all products are available for all operating environments. Contact SAS for more
information on any of the products:
Base SAS
must be installed on your system to run most of the other SAS products. Base SAS software
includes the DATA step for manipulating your data and simple statistical and utility procedures.
allows you access to data used by other software packages. You can read and, in some cases,
write data in their native formats without having to leave SAS. Most of the popular database
software is supported, and each has its own SAS/ACCESS product.
allows you to write your own interactive SAS applications. Applications written with SAS/AF
software allow users quick-and-easy access to information without knowing the SAS language.
is a menu-driven front end to SAS software. You make choices from menus, and SAS writes the
program for you. Programs can be stored for later use.
is a C and C++ development environment for IBM mainframes.
connects computers running SAS software. Data can be shared between the computers, and
programs developed on one computer or operating environment can be transferred to another
for processing.
SAS Data Quality Server
enables you to analyze, cleanse, and standardize your data.
allows you to develop and use custom executive information systems. Managers can use the EIS
interfaces to SAS to quickly get the information they need by simply pointing and clicking (with
a mouse, of course).
SAS Enterprise Guide
is a graphical user interface to many parts of SAS software. This is a Windows only product, but
can be used to access SAS servers on other systems.
SAS Enterprise Miner
is a complete product in itself. It provides an easy-to-use front-end to the SEMMA (Sample,
Explore, Modify, Model, Assess) process for business users.
Appendices 289
SAS Enterprise Reporter
enables you to see, analyze, and present information customized to your specific reporting needs.
has many procedures for analysis of time-series data, forecasting, and business planning.
comprises full-screen products that provide interactive methods for data entry, editing, and
retrieval. Custom data entry screens can be developed with error checking built in.
provides methods for characterization of fundamental genetic parameters, and the detection of
associations between genetic markers and disease status.
is a geographic information system for analyzing data with spatial relationships.
produces high-resolution plots, charts, and maps.
is a programming language (Interactive Matrix Language) with an extensive set of mathematical
and matrix operators.
is a tool for visual analysis of your data. Statistical results are displayed graphically whenever
possible and interactive manipulation of data is possible.
SAS Information Delivery Portal
combines SAS software with an open Java portal platform, allowing information to be selectively
and securely disseminated throughout the organization.
SAS Integration Technologies
allows you to share resources and integrate SAS into your enterprise applications.
allows you to effectively deliver your SAS applications to the Web.
is for guided statistical analysis. This product is good for people who need to analyze data but do
not have a background in statistics.
allows you to save data in multidimensional database (MDDB) formats for use with online
analytical processing (OLAP) (otherwise known as slicing and dicing your data).
provides the components that you need to perform multidimensional analysis.
SAS OLE DB Providers
consists of interfaces that can read data from a variety of sources using the OLE Component Object
Model (COM). SAS OLE DB interfaces provide a standard by which applications can uniformly
access stored data located in a variety of sources.
290 The Little SAS Book
SAS Online Tutor
is an online tool for learning SAS. There are lessons covering many different aspects of SAS.
SAS Open OLAP Server
enables you to access multidimensional data (for example, an MDDB) stored in SAS from an
external source. The SAS Open OLAP Server supports the Microsoft Corporation’s OLE DB for
provides procedures for project management and operations research such as linear programming,
Gantt charts, activity networks, and decision analysis.
provides procedures for statistical quality improvement, including methods for experimental
design, improved process, and statistical control.
SAS Scalable Performance Data Server
using parallel processing methods and data server capabilities, provides access to large volumes of
data and serves large numbers of concurrent users.
provides encryption services to increase the security of transmissions across a network.
SAS/SECURE software makes use of the cryptographic services provided by RSA’s Bsafe and
Microsoft’s CryptoAPI ciphers and is subject to export regulations.
provides concurrent access to data by multiple users.
is a tool for analysis and visualization of three-dimensional data.
has procedures for most types of statistical analyses including many forms of regression and
analysis of variance.



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